Protein Packed Smoothie Bowl

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Recently I posted a picture in my stories of a smoothie bowl I made at home, and all of you went crazy asking me how I made it. 

So i decided to share the recipe, but even better i decided to share how to make your own smoothie bowls.

Let's start for the Berry Bowl i shared over Instagram.


  •  Half frozen banana
  •  1/2 cup of frozen berries mix (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry)
  •  1 spoon of your favorite protein ( i used Peanut Butter Cup from Pescience)
  •  Almond milk
  •  For toppings you can use pretty much anything, i like nuts, chia, toasted oats, some raspberries or blueberries)


Now making a smoothie bowl is really simple, so I will leave you a general idea on how to make your own mix. 


  • You need your fruits and vegetables: From the picture below you can pick up to two fruits and you can add all the veggies you like (I love avocado with everything!!)

  •  Add the liquids:  You can pick one from the following list.

            1. Almond Milk

            2. Pomegranate juice

            3. Carrot Oats Milk 

            4. Greek Yogurt

            5. Coconut water

            6. Orange Juice

            7. Soy Milk 

            8. Carrot Juice

  •  Add your toppings and your are ready!!


I hope you all enjoy a yummy smoothie bowl at home!!.. 

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