Why you should have a pair of black glossy leggings in your closet?

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Black Leggings

There are some classic pieces of clothing that every woman needs in her closet, like the little black dress, or the basic white shirt, we all need to have a good pair of black leggings. 

But what's even better than black leggings, black glossy leggings (liquid, leather effect, shiny, etc).

A few days ago i had this really important meeting so i decided that i wanted to go in comfortable clothing (feel free, plus show off my leggings), so i grabbed my black glossy leggings, a nice long sweater and boots, i felt like a rock star, everybody asked me about my leggings. 

Here are a few reasons why you need a good pair of black leggings:

  1. You can transition from trendsetter in the street to a beast in the gym (or vice versa) without having to change pants. (This is pretty much our slogan, comfortable fashion, athleisure wear).
  2. It matches to all types of shoes.
  3. It gives an illusion of slimmer legs.
  4. You can even wear them at work without noticing that it’s leggings.
  5. They're a stylish, durable pair of pants you can wear to anything.

Some of Alina and the Sea leggings benefits:

  • Moisture wicking
  • UV50 protection
  • Xtra Life Supplex Lycra for resilience and longevity.
  • Dry Fit
  • One size that fits from Xs to L
  • Fabric soft as cotton
  • Machine washable

Who doesn’t want to look like Bella Hadid rolling through O'Hare International?  

Wearing my Glossy Leggings feels cool and breathable, yet trendy and comfortable.

Remember if you shop from us leave us a review, so you can encourage other ladies to get to know our brand. 

Black leggings

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